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Large account service.

Cost Control.

The Cost Control feature prevents the end-user from out of bundle data charges.

If the end-user runs out of data or if no data is included in the price plan, he can simply add a data bundle to continue surfing the Internet. Otherwise the user’s Internet access is blocked and he cannot make any out-of-bundle consumptions.



Get ready. This is WiFi-Calling.

Excellent indoor coverage wherever you have WiFi access. No more worries about signal strength.

No fees, no extra costs, no roaming costs. Calls (incoming, outgoing) and SMS with WiFi-Calling are billed according to your subscription, just as if you were using Salt's mobile network in Switzerland.


Service Management.

The Service Management support is unique, comprehensive and designed to meet the needs of Salt Business customers:

  • our ongoing personal contact, helps you to increase the efficiency of your telecommunication solution.
  • a complete and clear overview of usage, costs and services with our reporting.
  • verification of quality perceived by the users, to enable an early problem detection and a smooth mitigation.
  • business-needs-oriented service alignment, resulting in a efficiency gain and cost control.
  • mobile fleet optimization.



You benefit from a co-terminus on all your subscriptions.

Meaning that you have the same contract end date for all your subscriptions, regardless of the activation date of the individual subscriptions.

That way it is easier to manage your fleet!


Fleet Contract Flexibility.

We know you might change your mind.

We offer you 10% flexibility on your fleet, to allow you to:

  • downgrade subscriptions at no costs.
  • cancel subscriptions at no costs.
  • upgrade subscriptions for one month or more.
  • park numbers until future assignment to another employee.

That way we follow your company’s evolution!



Best universal provider in Switzerland.


99.4 % 4G+ mobile network coverage in Switzerland.


Best service hotline in Switzerland.


Premium offers at the best price.