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From version 2.2012.0 of the Salt TV application


  1. During broadcasting, click to pause and click again to resume the program.
  2. Voice search.
  3. Wake up Apple TV. Return to the previous page or menu. Press and hold to display the Home screen. In Salt TV, activate the Salt TV menu.
  4. When watching Live TV, tap softly right or left to change the channel (P+ or P-). For fast zapping: tap softly to trigger the zapping mode, then soft tap right or left once to change the channel (P+ or P-). During Replay, double tap softly to return to Live TV.
  5. While a program is playing, swipe your finger down to display the pop-up window with information about the current program, including audio settings, subtitles, recording, and pause/playback functions. Swipe your finger up to close the window.
  6. During broadcasting: tap to display program information.
  7. While browsing the Apple TV interface, click to select an item. During Live broadcast, swipe your finger left or right to change channels (P+ or P-).
  8. Short press to open the Apple TV+ application. Press and hold to open the Apple menu and turn on standby mode.
  9. Increase sound volume.
  10. Decrease sound volume.


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