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Where and how can I provide my Salt mobile number, to obtain CHF 10.- discount per month?

In order to obtain the monthly discount of CHF 10.-, you can either provide your mobile number during the order or add it afterwards in My Account in the “Salt Mobile Discount” section. There, you also have the possibility to edit or remove your existing mobile numbers.

During the Salt Fiber order, you need to have your mobile phone to hand to confirm the SMS code you will receive.

If you order Salt Fiber at the same time as subscribing to a new Salt mobile phone subscription and request the transfer of your existing mobile number, the discount will only be applied to your Salt Fiber invoice after the number transfer has been concluded.

Kindly take note that you can use the same mobile number only for one Salt Fiber contract.


Are there any activation fees for Salt Fiber and, if yes, what is the amount?

Yes, the activation fee of the Salt Fiber service is CHF 99.95.
On top of the fixed line telephony, Internet and TV & video services, this fee also includes a free Apple TV 4K box.
(Ref. "What is the cost of the Apple TV 4K?")

What are the setup costs for the Fiber Box and the Apple TV 4K?

The home setup of your equipment (Fiber Box and Apple TV 4K) costs CHF 199.95.
You can request this optional service separately during the order process.

What are the costs of the fibre plug installation?

In most cases, this service is included in the activation fee. However, in some special cases (condominium building, single-family home, division of a property, construction of an additional apartment, etc.) you may be charged for additional costs for the installation of the fibre optic plug.

  • If you wish to move an already existing fibre optic plug to a different room, the removal and reinstallation are not included in this service and will be at your cost.
  • The service includes exclusively the installation of the fibre plug (and not the device setup).
What is the cost of the Apple TV 4K?

The Apple TV Box 4K is offered to you, if you select it during the initial Salt Fiber ordering process.
In case of a subsequent order or if you choose to order additional TV boxes, you will be charged CHF 187.95/box.
Ref. Product & tariffs brochure

How can I benefit from the offer “2 months of Salt Fiber subscription fees refund” to avoid double subscription fees?
  • Make sure that the remaining duration of the contract with your previous operator covers the same period as your new Salt Fiber contract.
  • Send a copy of your previous operator's (optical fibre, ADSL or cable) termination confirmation to (do not use this e-mail for any other requests as they might not be processed).
  • In the subject line of the e-mail, please indicate your Salt billing account number (starting with 30 or 31 followed by 6 digits).

Your request will be processed as soon as the Salt invoice has been issued and you have submitted a copy of your previous operator's termination confirmation.

Please pay your Salt invoices while waiting for our answer. After approval of your request, you will be granted an adjustment of the corresponding amount on your next invoice.


What is the minimum contract duration for the Salt Fiber subscription and are there any cancellation fees?

There is no minimal contract duration.
The contract can be cancelled at the end of each month with a notice of 60 days.
The following cancellation fees apply:

  • In case of cancellation during the 1st month a maximum fee of CHF 198.- will be applied.
  • Then the cancellation fee decreases by CHF 6.- per month.
  • After 33 months no cancellation fee is applied.
Which contracts do I have to terminate if I want to switch to Salt Fiber?

After ordering your Salt Fiber offer, you will need to cancel the contract you have with your current provider.
You can download the cancellation letter from our website here.
Please note:

  • Before cancelling please check the terms and conditions of your current contract (notification period and the early termination fees).
    Should you have any question with this regard, please contact your current provider directly.
  • If you want to make sure you will have no early termination fees to pay, please indicate your current contract end date as wish date for the Salt Fiber activation when ordering.
To whom belongs the equipment and what happens with it at the end of the contract?

Salt Fiber Box:
The Salt Fiber Box (device and accessories) remains the property of Salt during the whole contract duration.
At the end of the contract, you have to return the whole equipment (including the original packaging) undamaged to Salt within 30 days.
You can return the equipment in one of the Salt Stores of your choice or by post to the following address:
Salt Mobile SA
Meierhofstrasse 5
CH-6032 Emmen

If you fail to return the material - or if you return it damaged -, a compensation fee of maximum CHF 199.- will be charged (details ref. Product & tariffs brochure / Return of equipment).

Apple TV 4K Box:
The first Apple TV 4K Box is included in the Salt Fiber offer.
If you terminate the contract within the first 12 months, you have to return the TV box (incl. accessories) to Salt or pay a fee of 99.95 CHF.
After 12 months the TV box & accessories become your property and you can keep them in case of contract cancellation at no additional cost.
You can purchase up to 4 additional Apple TV 4K Boxes from Salt at the price of CHF 187.95 / box.
They are your immediate property and you can keep them in case of contract cancellation at no additional cost, independently of the cancellation date.

I move house, how do I need to proceed?

If you intend to move, please contact us as soon as possible so we can plan the activation of your connection at your new address. In order to release the line (OTO plug) at your previous address, a time frame of 60 days is required.

1. Check if Salt Fiber is available at your new address.

Salt Fiber is available at your new adress
At least 60 days before you move

2. Call our customer care at 0800 700 500 and place a request for moving providing your new address, the wished activation date and the new OTO ID. (Make sure you have the OTO ID of your new address at hand when you make your request.)

Please note that an incorrect or missing OTO ID may delay the activation of Salt Fiber at your new home.

During your move

3. Please keep your modem and the Apple TV 4K.

After your move

4. Install your modem and Apple TV 4K. 5. Reset the Salt Fiber box to factory settings. (See “How do I set up my Salt Fiber Box?”) Your phone number and your credentials for My Account, Salt Video- and TV-services will remain unchanged. A connection fee of CHF 49.95 will be charged on your next monthly invoice.

Salt Fiber is not available at your new address or you are leaving Switzerland
After the deactivation of your connection

3. Return all associated equipment to Salt. If you wish to keep your Apple TV 4K and terminate your contract within the first 12 (twelve) months after signing, a fee of CHF 99.95 is due. If you cancel 12 (twelve) months or more after signing the contract, you may keep your Apple TV 4K free of charge. Any additional Apple TV 4K you might have bought belongs also to you.

In the event of a move with termination, the disconnection fee will amount to CHF 99.95 and will be applied to your last invoice.


I wish to transfer my subscription to another person. How can I do that?

Make sure to provide all the required information and pay your overdue balance (if any) to avoid delays.

The fee for a change of ownership is CHF 49.95 and is applied to the new contract owner.

Once the request is processed, the change will be effective on the 1st of the following month.

  • The new invoices will then be sent to the new owner.
  • Invoices generated before the change remain at the expense of the former owner.

Order process

How long will it take to activate Salt Fiber ?

If there is already a fibre plug at your place, please provide us with your OTO ID when you order, to speed up the activation process.

In this case, the installation requires usually around 20 working days.

If not, an electrician first needs to install a fibre optic connection in your building and/or a fibre plug in your flat.

Hence, the installation and activation process can take up to 7 weeks.

Is there a setup service for the Salt Fiber Box and the Apple TV 4K?

Yes, during the order process you can request a home configuration package for your equipment.
This optional service includes:

  • Fiber connection check-up
  • Unpacking and installation of your Fiber Box
  • Setup of the connection to your computer
  • Setup of the connection to your Apple TV 4K
  • Connection of your DECT telephone
  • Demonstration of the Salt.TV interface & service
Why do I need to indicate my mobile number when ordering?

In order to install your fibre optic connection, our service partner may need to contact you to make an appointment.
Therefore, it is important to provide a mobile phone number where our service partner can reach you quickly.

Can I keep my existing fixed line number and how can I make the request?

Yes, you can keep your existing number.
As soon as you have ordered Salt Fiber, please submit your transfer request in "My Account".
Please note that your fixed phone number can only be transferred within 20 working days after the cancellation of your previous contract.
Please submit your request exclusively via "My Account" as any documents sent by post will not be considered.

What type of optical fiber modem is provided?

The Salt Fiber Box, which is provided to you for free, is a modem-router with wifi and an embedded multimedia server with UPNP (Universal Plug & Play).
The router includes advanced functionalities like Port forwarding, NAT, DynDns, Firewall, Parental Control, DMZ as well as URL blocking.


Which precautions do I need to take with the fiber optic cable?
  • Handle with care.
  • Do not touch the cable ends after unplugging them.
  • Do not leave the cable ends unplugged.
  • Do not try to clean the cable (neither blow nor rub on textiles).
  • Do not bend the connectors.
  • Do not pinch the cable.
  • Do not make any tight knots with the cable.
Fibre cable courbé 1
Fibre cable courbé 2
Fibre cable courbé 3
Where can I find a complete Apple TV 4K User Guide?

On the Apple support site you will find the Apple TV User Guide.

It covers all subjects including:

  • What’s new in tvOS 12
  • Set up accounts
  • Basics (Use the Siri Remote, Use the Apple TV Remote app, Enter text, Adjust audio etc.)
  • Siri and dictation
  • TV
  • App Store
  • iTunes films and TV programmes
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Podcasts
  • Search
  • Home Sharing
  • Beyond basics (Restrict access to content, Manage storage, Use other remotes etc.)
  • Restart, reset, update
  • Accessibility (Activate subtitles and captioning, Voice Over, Switch Control, Increase screen contrast)
How do I set up my Salt Fiber Box?

A user guide is provided with your Salt Fiber Box.
This user manual is also available online.
Or you can just watch the Unboxing video on our youtube channel.
You will be informed by e-mail which OTO port to use on your fiber plug (generally port 1 or 2).
During the ordering process you can also request a home setup service for your devices (chargeable service, see above).

What is an "OTO ID" and where do I find it?

OTO stands for "Optical Telecommunication Outlet".
It’s the name given to the fiber connection installed in your home.
The number assigned to this connection – the OTO ID – is unique and allows to identify it precisely.
In order to activate your fiber connection, we need to know the OTO ID assigned to your home.

If your home is already connected to the optical fiber network, you should normally also have an optical telecommunication outlet (OTO).
If you are not sure whether this plug exists, your building management or the previous tenant should be able to provide this information.

The OTO is usually located in the living room, next to the main telephone outlet.
Your OTO ID corresponds to the number printed on the outlet.
As a rule, the OTO ID begins with A or B and uses the following format: A.XXX.XXX.XXX.X.

Important: Even if a building is connected to the fibre network, not necessarily all households are equipped with an optical fiber outlet.
Therefore, it might be necessary to install one to begin with.
Should this be your case please specify so when ordering and we will send an electrician to install one at your place.


Do I need an Apple account to set up the Apple TV 4K?

Yes, an Apple account is required for the Apple Apple TV 4k installation.
This will be needed to download the applications and

How can I connect my Apple TV 4K with my Home Cinema?

You can connect your Apple TV 4K to your home cinema via the HDMI cable.

What does the selection of dropdown values in the "Firewall features" actually do?

In expert mode, under Network > Firewall > Firewall features, you can select a value: High, Medium, Low or Off.

The following Matrix shows what protection is enabled

  High Medium Low Off

Main function

(Access Control/MAC filter/Schedule Rule)

Enabled Enabled Enabled  


Intrusion, detection (DDoS, Ping request from WAN)

Enabled Enabled    


(URL blocking / WebFilter features) 



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