How to pay your bill.

You can find all the information regarding your bill here.
Our recommendation is to pay your bill via direct debit.


By direct debit

Direct debit is the most efficient and straightforward way to pay your bill. Even better, this service is free. Each month the amount due is automatically paid and you don’t have to worry about it. You can set up a direct debit on either your bank or PostFinance account.

And you’re still in control; you can check payments at any time. If you don’t agree with a payment you have 30 days to contest it. Direct debit can also be easily cancelled if you change your mind.

Please note:
Once you stop receiving a pay-in slip with your monthly invoice, the direct debit has taken effect. Until then, please pay as usual using the pay-in slip.

To set up direct debit

Print out the authorisation form, fill it in and send it to the address provided on the form.

Online payment on My Account

You can pay your bills with no additional cost and at anytime through My Account.
The following payment methods are accepted: VISA, Mastercard, Postcard, Postfinance and E-finance, TWINT.

You can find more information on TWINT and download it here.

Make a payment on My Account

  1. Go to My Account – Bills
  2. Click on “Pay now”
  3. Choose “Use another credit card” and click on “next“
  4. Choose your method of payment
  5. Follow the payment process.

Your bill will be paid immediately.

Online payments are the fastest way to reactivate your line if it has been deactivated.

By e-banking

Log in to your e-banking or e-finance portal and copy and paste this information from the orange payment slip on your PDF bill to make your payment:

Reference: 27694000000000000XXXXXXXXXC (this is an example). The reference number is unique to you and can be used for all bill payments.
Postal account: 01-00145-6
Payable to: UBS Switzerland AG 8098 Zurich
In favour of: Salt Mobile SA, CH-1020 Renens 1

Each bank has a slightly different payment procedure. Instruction guides for the major financial institutions are set out below for your reference. Banks may change their procedures and so we cannot guarantee the content.


  • Select ‘payments’ and then enter ‘single payment’;
  • In the new input screen enter Salt Mobile account number 01-00145-6
  • Select Salt Mobile SA;
  • Enter the required information shown on the top of right of the bill, namely:
    • amount, due date, currency
    • reference number
    • Press ‘next’ and ‘submit’

Credit Suisse

  • Select ‘payments’ and then enter ‘payment’ and ‘single payment’;
  • Select the orange BVR
  • In the BVR input screen, fill in the required information as provided on the top right hand side of your Salt bill, namely:
    • account: 01-00145-6;
    • amount, due date, currency
    • reference number
    • Press ‘next’ and ‘submit’


  • Select ‘payments’
  • Select ‘domestic’
  • Fill in the required information as provided on the top right hand side of your Salt bill, namely:
    • recipient’s account: 01-00145-6;
    • amount, due date, currency
    • reference number
    • Press ‘send’
At the post office

Payments can be made in any Swiss Post office

Due to special procedures during the Covid-19 epidemic, we advise you to consult the list of post offices and their opening hours : is my swiss post branch closed?

This payment method is only available if you received your bill by post. You should use the attached orange payment slip and hand it in at the counter with your payment. The receipt will be stamped and you should retain it as proof of payment.

If you received your bill by email, you should use one of our other payment methods (i.e.: by credit card, by e-banking, in a Salt Store).

Please note that a surcharge fee of CHF 3.95 applies for post office payments, and it will appear on your next bill.

In a Salt Store

Payments can be made in any of our Salt Stores.

Despite the Covid-19 virus epidemic, our salt stores are currently partially open. You will find the list of stores and their opening hours here.

You may pay in cash, or with a bank debit card or credit card. Simply give your phone number to a member of the Salt Store team who will credit your payment directly to your account.

Please note that a surcharge fee of CHF 5.95 applies to any bill payment made in a Salt Store. This fee will be paid together with the bill at the Salt Store.

You will be given a receipt. You should keep this as proof of payment.


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