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Get started.

You have received confirmation that your Salt Home connection has been activated and you are ready to enjoy your services.

Step 1: set up your box

Installation of the Fiber Box X6

To install the Salt Fiber Box X6 (black), follow the steps presented in this video:*

Installation of the Fiber Box

To install the Salt Fiber Box (white), please follow the steps presented in this video:

Installation of the Gigabox

To install your equipment, simply follow the steps presented in this video:

Step 2: set up your Apple TV

To install your equipment, simply follow the steps presented in this video:

WIFI tips & tricks (for the Salt Fiber Box only)

To take full advantage of your Salt Home services via WIFI, follow our advice available on this dedicated page.

Your bill explained

For all questions concerning your invoice, you will find information on the dedicated page.

All accepted payment methods are available on this page.

Connection speed (for the Salt Fiber Box only)

You benefit from the fastest Internet connection in Switzerland. In order to take full advantage of it, read our explanations and follow our tips.

Salt Mobile Discount

Associate your Salt Mobile phone number with your Salt Home subscription in your personal account personal account and benefit from a CHF 10.- discount per month on your Salt Home bill.

See eligible mobile subscriptions

Alternative Salt remote control

For people who prefer a conventional remote control device to the Apple TV remote, Salt has designed an alternative remote control. You can find the alternative remote control by Salt as well as other Salt Home accessories on our accessories page.

TV packages

Additional TV packages, suitable for the whole family: Canal+ (the widest variety of sports, films and series), Sky (Sky Sports and Sky Show with the latest series and the best films) and international TV packages (Portuguese, Serbian, Albanian, Bosnian, Spanish, Russian and Turkish).

Activate the package of your choice directly on your Apple TV 4K.

You can deactivate them at any time by clicking on this link.

TV Tips & Tricks

Discover how to use your Apple TV Remote, create a list of favourites TV channels, subscribe to new TV options, or reorganize your applications in this dedicated page.

My Account

Access your personal account to view your user profile, your billing account balance and invoices or to make payments and change the credentials of your personal account, Salt TV and Salt Video. Here you can also request the transfer of your fixed line number (number portability) and associate your Salt Mobile number with your Salt Home subscription.

Do not hesitate to visit our FAQ page for further information.

*Info: you will find the port number of your optical fibre socket you have to use in the activation email you received or in your personal account.
If you need a longer fibre optic cable (15 meters), you can order one from our accessory page.
If you are experiencing connection problems, please follow this guide.
You can also request the support of a technician for the installation of your equipment on 0800 700 500 (this service will be charged CHF 199.95).