Fiber x6 Box
Fiber x6 Box


Fastest internet in

Now even better
with the new
Fiber Box X6.



Fastest internet in
Switzerland now even
better with the new
Fiber Box X6

The highest speeds through more

efficient use of the Wi-Fi.

Up to


Wi-Fi 6

Salt internet box: the fastest internet in Switzerland

Salt Home delivers exceptional performances and remains unbeaten since its launch in March 2018. This is the result of nPerf's annual barometer of fixed internet connections in Switzerland. In 2021 again, Salt Home by far surpassed its competitors in all categories in terms of download and upload speed as well as latency. Always ahead of the game, Salt's Fiber Box X6 takes internet speed to the next level. Let’s cut out the fancy talk: we are indeed the fastest ones in Switzerland. Discover the technologies behind our fibre internet box offer as well as our different subscriptions. We have something for everyone.

Our high-speed internet offer

To understand why our internet offer is effectively the fastest in Switzerland, let's first look at the pure technical characteristics of the internet box.


Exceptional bit rates

The Fiber Box X6 was designed to handle fibre optic bit rates of up to 10 Gbit/s. To give you an idea of the speed this technology can reach, you should know that a traditional broadband ADSL offer can reach a maximum speed of 30 Mbit/s. To qualify as superfast broadband, it is therefore necessary to reach speeds of over 30 Mbit/s. An improved broadband offer such as VDSL cannot surpass 55 Mbit/s. With its 10 Gbit/s, our fibre optic solution thus outperforms these conventional standards, with 1 Mbit representing a thousandth of 1 Gbit!


Improved Wi-Fi

To take maximum advantage of this broadband connection, it is important to have the appropriate wireless internet connection. That's why we have equipped our box with ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi, certified Wi-Fi 6. Launched in 2019, this certification allows for improvements to wireless speed by 10 % compared to the previous Wi-Fi 5 certification. The 10 Gbit/s can thus be reached wirelessly. With Wi-Fi 6, you will also be able to connect to the internet over long ranges while saving energy.


Improved connectivity

Of course, you can also enjoy fibre with a wired connection. The box features a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet port to support the high bit rate. It also has four other 1 Gbit/s Ethernet ports, which is more than enough to watch videos in HD quality while downloading at high speed. To connect all your devices, the internet box comprises two USB 3.0 ports with a speed of up to 5 Gbit/s.

Good to know: a good connection is a must-have for gamers!
By choosing an efficient and fast box, you will enjoy the best possible gaming experience. With Salt, you will get ultra-fast internet to download torrents, and most importantly, a latency-free connection to optimize your performances in multiplayer mode.

What is the best Internet box offer?

If you want to take maximum advantage of a superfast broadband offer, don't just take any box. With the Fiber Box X6 you will enjoy numerous benefits in addition to high speed. This triple play offer includes internet, telephony and TV.


A hassle-free telephony offer

Our telephony offer was designed to match all your needs. Apart from keeping your current fixed-line number, you will be able to make unlimited calls to fixed and mobile networks in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. And because all of this is transmitted via fibre, the sound quality will always be flawless. Wherever you may be, all your communications will be in HD .


An exceptional offer

For starters, you need to know that with our box, you will enjoy limitless TV entertainment thanks to a package of more than 260 channels. Depending on the chosen language, you will be able to personalise your subscription by adding Deutsch Exklusiv for German-speaking shows and series, CANAL+ premium for French-speaking content or Sky Sport & Sky Show for the biggest sports events and current blockbusters. Apart from that, we also offer numerous attractive international packages. And all of this without an additional decoder!

Did you know: Salt’s Smart TV plus offer will change your life!
With Salt TV, you will never go back to watching TV the old-fashioned way. Apart from its many practical features such as recording, pause, TV guide, and multi-screen, it also comes with a wealth of smart features. Check out this option now for only CHF 3.95/month.

How much does an internet subscription cost?

Depending on the chosen ISP (internet service provider), the subscription costs will always vary. One thing is certain, though: with Salt, you will always pay less. To make a long story short, the numbers speak for themselves. You will be able to subscribe to our offer from only CHF 39.95/month. For comparison purposes, a similar offer from Sunrise costs CHF 100.–/month whereas signing a deal with Swisscom will set you back CHF 130.–/month.

If you already own a mobile subscription or even several subscriptions, our offer will be even more attractive. Of course, all of this is non-binding, unlimited and without termination fees if you change your mind.

So, don't wait any longer! Visit our website and check whether our box offer is available at your address in order to enjoy all these benefits. You only need to enter your address and we will take care of the rest, including the installation of the FTTH (Fiber To The Home) network.

Three key points to remember:

  • With Salt, you will get an optical fibre technology that is unbeaten in Switzerland.
  • Our triple play offer with internet, telephony and TV will satisfy everyone's needs.
  • We have the most attractive offer and the lowest prices ... only CHF 39.95/month.
FiberBox x6


The new Fiber Box X6 has been specially designed to reduce its carbon footprint. Among other innovations, recycled plastic, which decreases the weight of the device, and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging are now used. The power efficiency has also been improved. The product's carbon footprint over its life cycle has been reduced by 21%, a value verified by Bureau Veritas as part of the Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress® certification awarded to eco-designed products.

Refreshed design, convenience and simplicity of use

The design of the box has been completely revised and comes with a reduced size and black casing. The elegant colour is discreet and fits the design of any living room. Very silent when it’s on, it only uses the natural airflow to cooldown. The set-up is extremely simple with a proven plug & play experience.

Interested in the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology?

Call 0800 700 500 and we will swap your Fiber Box for CHF 99.95

Unboxing of the Fiber Box X6


FiberBox x6

Fiber Box X6 specifications

  • Superfast Wi-Fi with the latest Wi-Fi 6 certification: 2.4 + 5 GHz
  • Suitable for internet speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s
  • Ethernet port: 1 × 10 Gbit/s and 4 × 1 Gbit/s
  • Integrated DECT base station for 5 HD telephones and 2 telephone ports
  • Guest Wi-Fi and Parental control function
  • Power savings features
  • Eco design (recycled plastic casing, FSC documentation and vegetable-based ink packaging) – Bureau Veritas Footprint Progress® certification

Certificate of compliance

Salt Fiber Box X6