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How can I benefit from the offer “2 months of Salt Home subscription fees refund” to avoid double subscription fees?

Make sure that the remaining duration of the contract with your previous operator covers the same period as your new Salt Home contract.

Send a copy of your previous operator's (optical fibre, ADSL or cable) termination confirmation to (do not use this e-mail for any other requests as they might not be processed). In the subject line of the e-mail, please indicate your Salt billing account number (starting with 30 or 31 followed by 6 digits).

Your request will be processed as soon as the Salt invoice has been issued and you have submitted a copy of your previous operator's termination confirmation.

Please pay your Salt invoices while waiting for our answer. After approval of your request, you will be granted an adjustment of the corresponding amount on your next invoice.

I'm already under contract with another internet provider. How do I proceed?

After ordering Salt Home, you must terminate your contract with your current provider.

You can use the termination letter templates available on our website.

Important: before cancelling please check the terms and conditions of your current contract (notification period and the early termination fees). Should you have any question with this regard, please contact your current provider directly.

Tip: if you want to make sure you will have no early termination fees to pay, please indicate your current contract end date as wish date for the Salt Home activation when ordering.



What is the cancellation fee of my Salt Home order before activation?

If you cancel your Salt Home order before your services are activated, you will be charged an amount of CHF 199.95.

Date and fees

Are there any activation fees for Salt Home and, if yes, what is the amount?

There is an activation fee for the Salt Home activation service. The Salt Home offer is available with or without TV services. When selecting the TV services, please choose the language of the TV services. The TV services are provided with an Apple TV 4K, offered free of charge.

The activation fee is:

  • CHF 1.-: without TV services (only connection, administrative procedures, complete equipment, installation of the fiber-optic outlet by an electrician if necessary).
  • CHF 99.95: with TV service
  • CHF 98.95: later activation of TV services.
How do I find out the Salt Home service activation date?

After the order is completed and validated, the activation date is communicated to you via email.

If you cannot find the email in your inbox, please check the spam folder.

You can also follow the activation status in My Account → Subscriptions.

How long will it take to activate Salt Home?

If there is already an optical outlet at your place, please provide us with your OTO-ID when you order, to speed up the activation process.

The activation with an OTO-ID requires 3 to 20 days. If you do not provide an OTO-ID or if you provide us with an incorrect OTO-ID, the activation will be delayed.

If you do not have an optical outlet, an electrician must install one in your home. In this case, the Salt Home installation and activation process can take up to 7 weeks.

OTO outlet

How much does it cost to have Salt Home installed in my home by a Salt technician?

To install Salt Home for free, discover our tutorial videos on this page.

If you require the assistance of a Salt technician at your home, you will be charged CHF 199.95 for this optional service.

It includes:

  • Fiber connection check-up
  • Unpacking and installation of your Fiber Box
  • Setup of the connection to your computer
  • Setup of the connection to your Apple TV 4K
  • Connection of your DECT telephone
  • Demonstration of the Salt TV interface & service

You can request this optional service separately during the order process or by contacting our customer care service on 0800 700 500.

How much does the installation of the optical fibre outlet cost?

In most cases, this service is included in the activation fee. However, in some special cases (condominium building, single-family home, division of a property, construction of an additional apartment, etc.) you may be charged for additional costs for the installation of the fibre optic plug.

If you wish to move an already existing optical fibre outlet to a different room, the removal and reinstallation are not included in this service and will be at your cost.

The service includes exclusively the installation of the optical fibre outlet (and not the device setup).

The installation costs are approximately CHF 400.- to CHF 800.-.

What is an "OTO ID" and where do I find it?

For all the details (what are ID, ports and where to look for them?) visit our dedicated page.

Which precautions do I need to take with the fiber optic cable?
  • Handle with care.
  • Do not touch the cable ends after unplugging them.
  • Do not leave the cable ends unplugged.
  • Do not try to clean the cable (neither blow nor rub on textiles).
  • Do not bend the connectors.
  • Do not pinch the cable.
  • Do not make any tight knots with the cable.


How can I order Salt Home ?

As a first step, verify the availability of the Salt Home services at your address.

If the service is available at your address, you can order Salt Home:

How do I find out the delivery status of my equipment?

During the activation of your Salt Home connection you will receive several emails informing you about the status of your order. You will also receive a consignment number by email, allowing you to manage the delivery on the Swiss Post website.

You can also check the delivery status of the equipment in My Account → Subscriptions.