Mobile ID.


What is Mobile ID?

Mobile ID is a user solution that grants you easy and secured access to e-Banking portals (e.g. PostFinance) as well as to other private or public web portals. The connection is established through your mobile phone, which is equipped with a specific SIM card.

Why do I have to activate Mobile ID?

Activation sets up the key-data on your SIM so that you can set your personal Mobile ID PIN.

How can I activate Mobile ID?

In order to active your Mobile ID SIM card, please visit the web page and follow the instructions.

Does Mobile ID also work with Salt PrePay?

Yes. At Salt, Mobile ID works as well with a PrePay price plan.

Does Mobile ID work with all SIM?

Mobile ID requires the use of the latest generation of Smart SIM, which you can order via Customer Care at 0800 700 700 or purchase at the nearest Salt Stores

Does Mobile ID work with every mobile phone?

Mobile ID is supported by all common hardware and mobile operating systems, such as Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows Phone or Symbian.
Mobile ID features a SIM card based application that is compatible with practically all devices. To be able to use Mobile ID, the SIM application toolkit (defined by GSM standard 11.14) must be installed on the device.

Note: On some devices the screen must first be unlocked to be able to receive and display Mobile ID requests.

A few phones do not work with Mobile ID:

  • HTC 7 Trophy
  • HTV 7 Pro T7576
  • HTC HD7
  • HTC Radar
  • Nokia C3.01.5
  • Nokia Express
  • Samsung Nexus S
  • Samsung Omnia 7
  • Samsung GT-S5830i
  • Sony Xperia Z1
  • Sony EricssonW890i
  • Sony EricssonW910i
  • ZTE Tara 3G
Does Mobile ID work with tablets?

We recommend using Mobile ID with mobile phones. Tablets do not always support the receipt of text messages, and this therefore prevents the activation and use of Mobile ID.

Does Mobile ID also work with Salt MVNOs (UPC, etc.)?

No. At Salt, Mobile ID only works with a Salt subscription.


How much does Salt charge for Mobile ID?

Salt provides you with the Mobile ID service free of charge. Some service providers (e.g. online portals where you log on to) may charge you a fee for using Mobile ID. If so, this fee is indicated by the respective service provider.

Is the use of Mobile ID abroad subject to fees?

Mobile ID can be used in any country that supports text message roaming. No roaming fees are incurred for the SMS sent.

Mobile ID - Why do I have to pay CHF 59.- again for the SIM card?

In order to guarantee the highest degree of security, Mobile ID requires a specific, last generation smart SIM, where confidential key data are stored.

The smart SIM card is in a universal format (mini, micro, nano), which means you will not need a new SIM card if you change your device in future.


Should I install any software on my mobile device?

No, Mobile ID works with the latest generation of SIM and does not require the installation of any software on your mobile phone.

How can a Mobile ID be transferred from an old mobile phone to a new one?

Mobile ID is embedded in the SIM, not the mobile phone. When the user inserts the SIM into a new mobile phone, Mobile ID is also automatically transferred.


What personal information is held on my Mobile ID? Can a service provider see who I am?

Your Mobile ID contains only a unique serial number. No personal data is stored on the certificate or made available in any other way.

Is Mobile ID secure?

Yes, Mobile ID is a secure means of authentication. It is based on certificates, so that the confidential key-data is carried by the SIM. Possession of the mobile phone or SIM and, at the same time, knowledge of the Mobile ID PIN, is a combination that guarantees a high level of security.

Who knows my Mobile ID PIN?

You yourself set your PIN when you activate Mobile ID. The Mobile ID PIN is stored only in the SIM and it not known to Salt. The Mobile ID PIN has 6 digits and is independent of your existing SIM PIN.

Is there a PUK for the Mobile ID PIN?

No. If you forget the Mobile ID PIN or it is blocked, you need to create a new PIN on

Then you have to log on once to the portal of your service provider (e.g. e-banking) without Mobile ID and then associate your account with your new Mobile ID PIN code.

What do I have to do if I lose my mobile phone?

Immediately lock your SIM card. The fastest way to get there is through My Account. Your Mobile ID is then automatically locked as well.


I do not receive prompts to enter my Mobile ID on my mobile phone.

On some hardware, the request can only be received if the mobile phone is not in lock screen mode. Please unlock your screen and try again.

My phone displays the error message "SIM Error". What does this mean?

The activation of Mobile ID has timed out. Please activate the service again on

I cannot log into electronic banking, VPN, etc. with Mobile ID

Please go to to check whether your Mobile ID is active and to make sure your PIN is not locked. Then please contact your e-banking provider directly.

The field for entering the mobile ID PIN code appears in the screen lock, but the key pad doesn't.

This problem can arise under very specific circumstances with Apple IOS 8 (in the screen lock after a restart). Solution: cancel entering pin and start a second login immediately. The problem should not occur after the second attempt.

Why does my telephone display messages saying "The SIM has sent an SMS"?

Mobile ID uses an application on the SIM which, when it is in use, communicates with the server of the Mobile ID service via encrypted text messages. On some phones, the manufacturers have included alerts which are triggered when this occurs. Unfortunately these notifications cannot be turned off by Salt. On a few mobile phones it may be necessary to confirm that the SMS has been sent.

What do I do if I have forgotten or locked my Mobile ID PIN?

If you forget the Mobile ID PIN or it is blocked, you can create a new one on

This means you have to log on once to the portal of your service provider (e.g. e-banking) without Mobile ID and then associate your account with your new Mobile ID PIN code.

Do you have a problem with Dual SIM adapters?

Some additional adapters for second SIM in mobile phones (Dual SIM adapters) do not support Mobile ID. Mobile ID usually works without problems on phones manufactured for use with two SIM cards.

My mobile displays an error message due to incompatibility. What does this mean?

If your mobile displays the following message: "Sorry, your mobile phone does not support the Mobile ID application. (AA)" - please proceed as follows:

Restart your mobile and repeat the Mobile ID activation process on