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With Salt TV you have access to:

  • +260 channels in Live including 150+ HD channels
  • 30 hours of Replay on a large number of channels
  • Cloud recording of up to 500 programs available with no limitation in time
  • Detailed guide of TV programs
  • Pause/Start over function
  • Smart & fast zapping function
  • Multiple screens: Streaming on up to 5 simultaneous screens
  • Available on the Apple TV, PC/Mac (Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Samsung Internet), iOS, Android Mobile
  • Customisable favourite channels list
  • Reminders on the TV broadcast programming in the mobile Salt TV application

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7-day replay option

  • 7 days of replay on a large selection of channels included in the basic and optional TV packages
  • Activate the option instantaneously directly in the Salt.tv app for immediate access, or request the activation in the nearest Salt Store or by calling our customer care
  • Cancel at any time via the form

2.95 /month

No minimum contract duration