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You can always recharge credit, no matter where you are:

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Tarifs & Data Packs.


Calls & SMS in Switzerland
Internet & Data Packs in Switzerland
Calls & SMS in Switzerland

National Tarifs

  • Calls: 0.49/call (60 min max.)
  • SMS: 0.12/SMS
  • MMS: 0.49/MMS

International Tarifs

Check our very attractive international rates starting from 0.01/min:

Internet & Data Packs in Switzerland

Peace of mind surfing with Salt Prepay

  • Unlimited Surf: 1.99/day
  • Or you can buy additional Data Packs to surf in Switzerland.

Data Packs in Switzerland

With the Salt PrePay offer, you can choose the volume that suits you the best, valid for 30 days by accessing to via the mobile network (does not work with Wi-Fi).

  • 100 MB / CHF 3.00
  • 500 MB / CHF 9.00
  • 1 GB / CHF 15.00

Data Packs are valid in Switzerland only. They are valid until the indicated date during the purchase process. Unused data volume expires at the specified time.


Roaming Data

You can activate a data pack valid 365 days by visiting (not over Wi-Fi).


Data Roaming Europe (Zone A + B):
  • 1.5 GB / CHF 24.95
  • 3 GB / CHF 34.95
  • 12 GB / CHF 99.95


Data Roaming World Zone (Zone C, D & E):
  • 100 MB / CHF 19.95
  • 400 MB / CHF 59.95
  • 1 GB / CHF 159.95
Data Roaming Zone Far (Zone F):
  • 100 MB / CHF 59.95
  • 400 MB / CHF 199.95
  • 1GB / CHF 399.95


Roaming Talk

Click on your traveling zone to see the rates.

Travel zone A
Travel zone B
Travel zone C
Travel zone E
Travel zone F



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99.7 % 4G+ mobile network coverage in Switzerland.


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