Salt & WWF.

Protect the wonders of nature by taking advantage of the WWF Swiss offer.

Support the WWF with your mobile subscription, a gesture that makes a difference! With the WWF Swiss subscription, you are making a direct contribution to environmental protection thanks to WWF's concrete actions to preserve the flora and fauna of our beautiful planet. Step into action now!

WWF Swiss.

  • In Switzerland: unlimited calls, SMS/MMS and high-speed Internet
  • In Europe & USA: 60 call minutes/month, unlimited SMS/MMS and 500 MB Internet/month

34.9559.95 per month (*)



Or call 0800 667 667 (free number)

(*) Offer valid for a new WWF Swiss subscriptions for 34.95/mo. instead of 59.95/mo. for 24 months including support of CHF 10.-/month to WWF (not tax deductible). Activation costs incl. SIM card: 59.95

Fiber internet speed

4 good reasons to choose the WWF Swiss subscription:

Fiber internet speed
  • With your mobile subscription, you support the work of the WWF to protect the environment and nature in a tangible and long-term manner.
  • Salt will take care of everything. For every WWF Swiss subscription, a contribution of CHF 10.- per month is donated to the WWF.
  • You receive WWF's quarterly magazine free of charge and follow the initiatives that are implemented thanks to your monthly contribution.
  • You benefit from a CHF 20.- discount per month on your subscription for unlimited use in Switzerland with the essentials for traveling in Europe without worries.

Let’s work together for a better world.

With the subscription WWF Swiss, you support projects that are important for the future of our planet. For example, the WWF has created a protected habitat in the Amazon forest to protect the endangered jaguars. The result? Their numbers are constantly increasing. The bison, another endangered species, has almost disappeared in the last century. Thanks to the WWF, it was reintroduced in the Russian part of the Caucasus, where more than 100 bisons have now been counted. Thanks to the WWF Swiss subscription, get involved in saving animal species and ensure a sustainable future of our planet.

Sustainability at Salt.

Environmental protection and social responsibility are key values for our company. We use renewable energy on our premises and work to reduce the energy consumption of our network. We have a paperless office policy, own a fleet of hybrid cars and promote the recycling of mobile phones. Through our partnership with the WWF, we go one step further by enabling you to directly support projects that are meaningful and have a real impact. We are counting on you to make this offer a success and to contribute together towards protecting our planet.