Options & Services Abroad WiFi-Calling

WiFi-Calling: always a connection.

Call wherever you are, whenever you want, just by using WiFi. No app. No surcharges. No roaming costs. It's as simple as that.

Wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can access the Salt network. In your living room, at a party or even in your hotel room, at home or abroad. All on your existing subscription, as if you were in Switzerland.

All you need is a mobile phone that supports this function. To prevent the phone from switching on the mobile network, it is recommended to activate the flight mode.

Please note: Salt guarantees the correct functioning of WiFi Calling only on smartphones purchased with a subscription (Prepay offer excluded) in Salt's direct channels, i.e. in Salt Stores, Salt's online store or via our customer service.


No extra costs

This option is totally free of charge. You can use it no matter what your current subscription is. Wifi-Calling also works with PrePay cards.


Better coverage

You get an excellent indoor coverage wherever you have Wi-Fi access. No more worries about signal strength.

No roaming costs

Calls and SMS are billed according to your subscription or deducted from your PrePay balance, just as if you were using the network in Switzerland.



Your smartphone automatically searches for the best network to use for calls, whether it's the WiFi network or Salt's mobile network.


No need for extra apps, nor for you, nor for the person you're calling. WiFi Calling works for all phone numbers, mobile or fixed, all over the world.


No data usage

Since you're using a Wi-Fi network, your data allowance is not touched.