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You will easily find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with Salt Fiber services in the following section.
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Am I eligible for Salt Fiber?
Here you can check the availability of fiber at the address where you live:       Check if you are eligible
Where can I subscribe for the Salt Fiber offer?
You can subscribe online or go to one of our Salt Stores
Where can I check what Salt Fiber Box offer includes?
Check online  or go to one of our  Salt Stores .
Why should I change for Salt Fiber?
With an access to optical fiber from Salt you benefit from many advantages:
–  A maximum data transmission rate (download & upload) of up to 10 Gbit/s
–  An optimal and stable connection since fiber is not sensitive to electric emissions from other equipment
–  You can use several TV services simultaneously and internet within optimal conditions
–  Enjoy all your online games with HD definition and minimum latency
Do I need an electrician to perform an installation at home?
If your building is eligible but you don’t have a fiber plug in your apartment, an installation in your home will be planned by our fiber partner.
There will be no additional fees for you, the costs of the installation of the fiber plug are covered by Salt.
This installation will only cover the fiber plug. It does not include the installation of the Salt Fiber Box and/or the TV Box , but if you want you can order our home installation service for the modem and TV Box setup.
This can be requested during the ordering process.
Can I keep my existing fixed line number?
Yes , you can keep your existing number.
After the activation of your services, you can request the porting of your number from your online account.
Form send by post will not be considered.
Which contracts do I have to terminate if I want to switch to Salt Fiber?
After ordering your Salt Fiber offer, you will need to cancel the contracts you have with your current provider.
The necessary cancellation documents can be downloaded from our website:
You can find the letter here.
How long will it take to activate my Salt Fiber Box?
The activation of your optical fiber connection is a complex process and may require the intervention of a specialist. Hence, it can take up to 7 weeks.
If the plug exists in your premises, the installation can be faster and is normally around 20 working days.
During your order, please provide us with your OTO ID, in order to speed up your installation process.
What is an OTO ID and where do I find it?
OTO stands for Optical Telecommunication Outlet. It’s the name given to the fiber connection installed in your home. The number assigned to this connection – the OTO ID – is unique and allows to identify it precisely. In order to activate your fiber connection, we need to know the OTO ID assigned to your home.
If your home is already connected to the optical fiber network, you should normally also have an optical telecommunication outlet (OTO). If you are not sure whether this plug exists, your building management or the previous tenant should be able to provide this information.
YOUR OTO is usually located in the living room, next to the main telephone outlet. Your OTO ID corresponds to the number printed on the outlet. As a rule, the OTO ID begins with A or B and uses the following format: A.XXX.XXX.XXX.X.
Important:  Not all households have an optical fiber outlet. It might therefore be necessary to install one. If this should be you case, please specify so when ordering and we’ll send an electrician to install one for you.
What equipment do I need in order to use my Salt Fiber?
In order to access Salt Fiber services, it is mandatory to use the Salt Fiber Box, which is put at your disposal as part of the package. It will be shipped to your address immediately after you have ordered.
This equipment is provided for free by Salt and you will have to return it including all accessories and the original packaging at the end of the contract.
In order to use the TV service, you need to order a TV box and own a TV with an HDMI port at home.
Will I be assigned a fixed IP address?
Yes, Salt will provide you with a fixed IP address which cannot be changed or modified.
How many TV boxes can I use?
You can order up to 5 TV boxes.
The TV boxes can be connected to the router via Wifi or cable.
What is the minimum contract duration for the Salt Fiber subscription?
There is no minimal contract duration.
The contract can be cancelled at the end of each month with a notice of 60 days.
The following cancellation fees apply:
– In case of cancellation during the 1st month a maximum fee of CHF 198.- will be applied.
– Then the cancellation fee decreases by CHF 6.- per month.
– After 33 months no cancellation fee is applied.
At the end of the Contract, you must return the equipment undamaged to Salt no later than thirty (30) days after the end of the term.
If you fail to return the equipment, cables and accessories or return damaged equipment, cables and accessories you must pay a compensation of maximum CHF 299.95
What is the cost for the fiber plug installation ?
The plug installation is offered to you by Salt.
If a fiber plug is already installed, a possible move of the plug’s emplacement is not covered by this service and is chargeable to the customer.
This service only includes the fiber plug installation and not the modem and Apple TV box setup.
The modem and TV box installation as well as the setup by a Salt expert can be ordered separately during the ordering process for CHF 199.95.
Who will install the new optical plug ?
A certified technician will take an appointment with you in order to install the fiber plug.
So it’s very important to provide a valid mobile phone number and email address during the ordering process.
What type of optical fiber modem is provided ?
The Salt Fiber Box, which is provided to you for free, is a modem-router with wifi and an embedded multimedia server with UPNP (Universal Plug & Play).
The router includes advanced functionnalities like VPN, Port forwarding, NAT, DynDns, Firewall, Parental Control, DMZ as well as URL blocking.
Can I use an optical fiber router from a different provider ?
No, only the fiber box provided by Salt is compatible with the Salt Fiber offer.
Get Started
How do I set up my Salt Fiber Box?
The setup of your Salt Fiber Box is described step by step in the user guide provided with the router and the TV box. It is also available here. Or you can just watch the Unboxing video on our youtube channel .

You will be informed by e-mail on which port to use (generally port 1 or 2).
To which port on the fiber plug do I have to connect the Salt Fiber Box?
You will receive the port number (1 or 2) by e-mail.
Is there a home installation service for the router and the TV box?
A Salt home installation package can be requested during the order process for CHF 199.95. This service includes:
– Fiber connection check-up
– Unpacking and installation of your Salt Fiber Box
– Setup of the connection to your computer
– Setup of the connection to your TV box
– Connection of your DECT-telephone
– Demonstration of the Salt TV interface & service
What should I do if I have an issue with my Salt Fiber Box ?
Please call 0800 700 500 in order for Salt to run a remote diagnostic on your equipment.
A new Salt Fiber Box will be sent to your address.
Once received, please send back the faulty fiber box to Salt.
What should I do if I have an issue with my TV Box ?
In case of issues with your TV Box follow the steps described here.
How do I install my optical Salt Fiber Box?
A complete user guide is provided with the Salt Fiber Box.
This document is also available online
Where is my OTO optical plug located ?
The optical plug is usually located in the living room. This location can vary depending on the arrangements of the previous owner or tenant. Changing the location of the optical plug is in charge of the owner or the occupant.
Where can I find the Salt Fiber Box user guide ?
The user guide is provided with the modem and is available online: here.
Where can I find the TV Box user guide?
The TV Box user guide is available here.
How can I perform a reset of the Salt Fiber Box ?
Press the reset switch in the back of the modem with a paper clip or similar object.
How can I perform a reset of the TV Box?
You can perform a factory reset from the “Settings” menu
Settings > System > Reset
To whom belongs the Salt Fiber Box ?
The Salt Fiber equipment is at your disposal for free, however, it remains the property of Salt.
The equipment consists of the following items:

-Salt fiber modem
-Power supply and cable
-Fiber cable (5m)
-Ethernet cable CAT6 (3m)
-User guide

To whom belongs the TV Box ?
The first TV Box is included in the offer. It is at your disposal for free, however, it remains the property of Salt.
If you cancel the contract during the 12 first months, you will need to return the TV Box or pay CHF 99.95.
You can buy additional TV Boxes for CHF 187.95 each (a maximum of 5).
How can I access the VOD service ?
You can access VOD using the Salt.video application on your TV Box.
The application needs to be installed from the AppStore.
Can I watch TV and my recordings on my smartphone or tablet ?
Yes, all your live TV channels and recordings are accessible from your smartphone or tablet.
Can I set a parental control on the TV Box?
The parental control depends on each channel. You can block the adult content channels with a code.

Some functionalities of the Apple TV box can be restricted by a code.

Can I change the order of the channels?
Yes, you can, by creating a favorites list with the channels on tv.salt.ch: navigate to the “Settings” menu and go to the channel list. Choose between “All channels” or “Favorites”.
The favorite channels will be visible in the TV Guide.
How can I use the advanced features of the modem ?
Log the admin interface and switch to the expert view.
Use the Network menu for the advanced router features
Use the USB menu to set the media server features
Do I need an Apple account to set up the Apple TV Box ?
Yes, an Apple account is required for the Apple TV box installation.
This will be needed to download the applications Salt.tv and Salt.video.
Can I watch movies from my external USB disk or media server ?
Yes, you will need to install an application like e.g. VLC on the Apple TV Box.
How can I connect my Apple TV Box with my Home Cinema ?
You can connect your TV Box to your home cinema via the HDMI cable.
How to force-close an app with the Apple TV Remote?
  • Turn on Apple TV.
  • While on the Home screen, double-click the TV button on the Apple TV Remote.
  • Swipe to the right on the trackpad to find the app you wish to force-close.
  • Swipe up on the trackpad to force the app to close.
Fixed phone number portability
Can I keep my existing fixed line number?
Yes , you can keep your existing number.
After the activation of your services, you can request the porting of your number from your online account.
Form send by post will not be considered.

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