Fiber Box advanced settings

Will I be assigned a fixed IP address?

As default setting all Salt customers are provided with an IPv6 address.

Your IPv6 address is fixed and unique over internet and has the following hexadecimal format: 2a04:ee41:XXXX:XXXX::/64.

IPv6 is the new standard and is widely supported nowadays.

Public IPv4 is offered as a payable option as the number of IPv4 addresses is limited.

The public IPv4 option costs CHF 9.95/month and can be deactivated any time.

If you wish to have a fixed public IPv4 address, contact our customer care at 0800 700 500 (+41 78 700 50 00 from abroad).

How do I manage my IPv6 settings?

• Connect to the admin console.
• Change the view from “Standard to Expert”.
• Go to the tab “Network”.
• Click on the subtab “IPv6”.

You will be able to:
• Set up a firewall
• Allow/Deny incoming protocols through TCP/UDP such as:
o http(s) (web) o smtp (mail) o NNTP (Forum, news)
o FTP (file transfer)
o Telnet
o AIM, Netmeeting

Do I need fixed public IPv4?

If you are a standard user who needs internet access to browse the web, shop online, access your email, cloud service, etc., you can continue to use the standard IPv6 option seamlessly.

Advanced features such as access to your network via the Fiber Box and port forwarding are possible with the IPv6 protocol.

If you need to set up a service accessible via internet with a hardware, which does not support IPv6 yet, you can request the activation of the public IPv4 address option (CHF 9.95/month).

If you wish to have a fixed public IPv4 address, contact our customer care at 0800 700 500 (+41 78 700 50 00 from abroad).

What is the power consumption if the Salt Fiber Box is not connected to the Internet?

At the same time, neither wired nor wireless device interfaces are connected.


Which are the wired interfaces of the Salt Fiber Box?

XGS-PON (fiber), 10GEthernet, Giga Ethernet and FXS (analogue port for phone).

Which are the wireless interfaces of the Salt Fiber Box?

Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5GHz band) and DECT (cordless phones).

How do I know that the Wi-Fi is off?

The LED “WLAN” is off.

How can I switch off Wi-Fi?

Either in the boxes’ administration console or by pressing the physical button.

How do I know that the DECT phone is off?

The LED “Phone” is off.

How can I switch off the DECT phone?

DECT is disabled by default and it can be enabled / disabled in the administration console of the Salt Fiber Box.

How do I know if all wired interfaces are disconnected?

All LEDs of the RJ-45 ports are off and no phone is connected to any telephone port.

What is the power consumption if the Salt Fiber Box is connected to the Internet by cable and Wi-Fi (both bands)?


...neither wired nor wireless devices are connected.

The minimum power consumption is 7.99W.

…some wired devices are connected but all wireless devices are off.

In this case, the minimum consumption will be 10.99W If, additionally, a PC with 10Giga card is connected to your Salt Fiber Box, the minimal consumption will be 11.99W.

…no wired nor wireless (DECT) phone is connected.

  • The maximum consumption will be 21W.
  • The minimum consumption will be 14.91W, at the condition that no other wired or wireless devices are connected.
  • If other wireless devices are connected (via Wi-Fi), the average consumption depends on the following factors: number of devices connected, bandwidth used for 5GHz Wi-Fi, average traffic requested per second and the type of traffic requested.


The following setup can cause an average consumption of 16 W:

  • 2 cell phones connected to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band (high power band, e.g. channel 100) of the Salt Fiber Box. Both devices with traffic (YouTube 1080p streams).
  • 1 laptop 11ac 2x2 connected to the 5GHz Wi-Fi band, generating data traffic to Google Drive (download / upload).
  • No device connected to the 10Gbit interface.

…some wired and wireless (DECT) phones are connected.

The minimum consumption will be 15W.

How can I know whether there is any wired or wireless (DECT) telephone connected to the box?

If the "PHONE" LED indicator is on, at least one (wired or wireless) phone is connected. If the LED is off, no phone is connected.

How can I know if my Salt Fiber Box is connected to the Internet?

The LEDs “FIBER” and “WWW” are steady green.

How can I connect to the admin console?

You can connect to the administration console of your Salt Fiber Box from any computer, smartphone, tablet or your Apple TV over cabled or wireless connection.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Open an Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome)
  • Enter the URL or the IP address
    should the admin console not display, please refer to the attached troubleshooting instructions
  • Enter the following login details:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin

Please note that the user name and password are case sensitive (admin ≠ Admin).

Access authorization for admin

  • The first time you log in, you will be asked to enter a new, personalized password:
    Admin console password

Should you have forgotten your password, please reset the box to the factory settings.
If you wish, you can then change the view from "Standard" to "Expert".

Admin console expert mode


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