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Can I create a list of favourite channels?

Yes, you can create it directly in your Salt TV app on your Apple TV. Proceed as follows:

1. In the “Settings” menu, select “Manage channel list”.
2. Choose your favourite channels in the order you want them to be displayed. To change the order, click the “top/bottom” arrow next to the star.

You can then find your favourite channels in the “Channels” menu in the new category “My favourite channels”.

Can I watch TV and my recordings on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, all your live TV channels and recordings are accessible from your smartphone, tablet or computer by downloading the Salt TV app.

You can also find your channels and recordings on:

How can I access the Video on demand (VOD) service?

On your Apple TV, you can access the category directly in the Salt TV app menu.
On your mobile devices, you can install the app from the AppStore.
You can also access this service from

Can I subscribe to Sky via Salt TV?

You can subscribe to Sky (Sport or Show) only on their own website and not through the Salt TV application.
During the registration process on the Sky website, you will be requested to enter your voucher. This means that Sky will have recognised you as a Salt customer.
Subsequently, you will be able to switch from Salt TV to the Sky app with the Sky login credentials.

How can I cancel the ESSENTIEL by CANAL option of which I have benefited from since I activated my TV by CANAL offer?

This offer is reserved for Salt TV by CANAL customers. To cancel the option, fill out the online form: The cancellation will take effect at the end of the ongoing month.

If I cancel my Salt Home contract, will my TV subscriptions be terminated at the same time?

Yes, except for CANAL+ offers with contractual commitment, which are independent of your Salt Home contract. To cancel these offers, contact CANAL+ directly and then, if necessary, re-subscribe via your new operator. Any early termination costs of these optional packages will be adjusted on your next invoice as soon as you reactivate the package with your new operator. The basic TV packages (at no extra charge within the Salt Home offer) will be cancelled at the same time as your Salt Home subscription, which will be invoiced at the last month of the contract pro rata.

How do I use my new Apple TV remote control?

Follow the instructions in the video tutorial.

Why are some TV programs from the CANAL+ packages not available in Live or in Replay ?

As from march 24th 2020, CANAL+ does not have the rights to broadcast Disney content (including Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies) in Switzerland. Therefore, Disney content are no longer available in Live or in Replay (technical error message). They will be replaced by other contents in the coming months.

What should I do if the Salt TV application opens on a black screen?

The screen is black because the last viewed TV stream was interrupted when the application went into standby mode.

  1. Click the Menu button and then launch a new program or channel (ex. via the Explore menu).
  2. If this does not work, close the Salt TV application: double-click the Menu button and then swipe your finger up on the Touch surface. Relaunch the Salt TV application.
How can I deactivate optional TV packages?

If you no longer wish to benefit from any of the following optional TV packages: Canal+, Sky, Deutsch Exklusiv or any International TV package, fill out this form with your contract details and specify the TV package you would like to deactivate.


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