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Can I change the order of the channels?

Yes, you can, by creating a favorites list with the channels on
navigate to the “Settings” menu and go to the channel list.
Choose between “All channels” or “Favorites”.
The favorite channels will be visible in the TV Guide.

Can I watch TV and my recordings on my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, all your live TV channels and recordings are accessible from your smartphone or tablet.

If I cancel my Salt Fiber contract, will my TV subscriptions be terminated at the same time?

No, because optional payable TV bundles are independent of your Salt Fiber contract.
Hence, in case of early termination of Salt Fiber, you need to cancel your optional TV bundles separately and, if you wish, re-subscribe them with your new optical fibre provider.
Any fees for early termination of your optional TV bundles will be cancelled as soon as they are reactivated with your new provider.
You will then be able to use the same login credentials as before.

As for the basic TV packages (which are included in the Salt Fiber offer), they are linked to the Salt Fiber subscription and will expire at the same time.
The basic packages will be invoiced on a pro rata basis during the last month of your Salt Fiber contract, in case you have not activated them at contract start.

Can I subscribe to Sky via Salt TV?

You can subscribe to Sky (Sport or Show) only on their own website and not through the Salt TV application.
During the registration process on the Sky website, you will be requested to enter your voucher. This means that Sky will have recognised you as a Salt customer.
Subsequently, you will be able to switch from Salt TV to the Sky app with the Sky login credentials.

How can I access the VOD service?

You can access VOD using the application on your Apple TV 4K.
The application needs to be installed from the AppStore.

Can I watch movies from my external USB disk or media server?

Yes, you will need to install an application like e.g. VLC on the Apple TV 4K.


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