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You will easily find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in connection with Salt Services in he following FAQ.

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What is My Account and why should I use it?

My account is a free service accessible online, via any browser.
It allows you to control and configure your subscription easily:

  • See your invoice and usage
  • Purchase and pay online devices, PrePay vouchers, etc.
  • Follow your orders
  • Subscribe and manage options
  • Unlock your phone
  • Manage your profile information (Postal address, email address, language, gender, bill delivery method, detailed bill)
  • Check your offers
  • And much more!
How do I deactivate my Voicemail and reactivate it again?

You can temporarily disable your voicemail – for example, if you travel and want to avoid roaming costs – by tapping ##002# or ##004# on your smartphone keyboard, then press the call button.

Note that callers won’t be able to leave messages during this time but you will get notifications by SMS to show who or which number has called you.

To reactivate it tap **004*086xxxxxxxxxx# from your smartphone keyboard, then press call button (xxxxxxxxxx is your mobile number. For example, if your number is 078 123 45 67, tap: **004*0860781234567#).

How can I get my Salt bill?
  • Bill by e-mail
  • E-bill
  • Bill by post (with extra charge for paper & postage)
    In My account you can:
  • See and pay all your bills
  • Change the delivery method. Go to Profile > Bill delivery
    Note that e-bill needs to be activated via your e-banking/e-finance account.
How can I pay my bills?

You can pay via:

  • Direct debit
  • E-bill
  • Credit card
  • E-banking
  • Post offices with a BVR with reference number
  • Salt Stores
    Check details on How you get & pay your bill
I entered the wrong PIN three times. How can I unlock my phone?

To unlock your phone you need the PUK 1 code displayed on the wrapping of your SIM card. If you can’t find it anymore,

Note: If you’ve entered 10x the wrong PUK-code, your SIM-card will be permanently blocked and you will need a new SIM-card. For replacement SIM-cards, please contact our customer service or visit a Salt Store

How can I get low-cost roaming?

Check the subscriptions as well as the options for subscriptions and PrePay offers we provide to make sure you have the most suitable service for your roaming needs.
In order to avoid roaming costs completely, check if your phone is compatible with WiFi-Calling.

How do I proceed in the event of mobile phone loss or theft?

Block your SIM card and order new one:

  • Visit My Account → Usage → More useful functions (wrench icon) → Block number. You also have the possibility to order a new SIM card there, or
  • Call our customer care service on 0800 700 700 or from abroad on +41 78 700 70 00 (chargeable) and request the SIM card to be blocked.

Important: The SIM card can only be unlocked through our customer care service. Only the contract owner is entitled to request unblocking of the SIM card.

How can I deactivate a premium SMS/MMS service (value-added service)?

Check your detailed bill on My Account > bill, to find out the premium service's short number.

Then go to the page Search for short number and use the indicated keywords to deactivate the service(s):


Please take note: You will no longer have access to any premium service at all and will no longer be able to use your mobile phone for service payments (e.g. Selecta vending machines, parking tickets etc.).

  • To block access to all adult services via your connection** (independently of the service provider):
    BLOCK ADULT to 5155.

  • To deactivate one specific service:
    STOP [name of the service] to the short number of the service provider.

  • To deactivate all services of a specific service provider:
    STOP ALL to the short number of the service provider.

  • To block access to all premium services via your connection** (independently of the service type and provider):
    BLOCK ALL to 5155.

* You can search by provider name or by number.

** Blockage on Salt network level.

How to recharge your PrePay account

You can always recharge credit, no matter where you are.

  • Online with a voucher PrePay recharge > Voucher
  • Online with a credit card PrePay recharge > Credit Card
  • On My Account with a voucher or a credit card My Account > PrePay recharge
  • In a Salt Store
  • In our partners shop:
    Salt Points - SBB ticket machines - ATMs of many banks (Credit Suisse, UBS, most cantonal banks, PostFinance and many more) - mobile voucher shops - K Kiosk, Naville and Relay stores - mobilezone stores - Coop stores, Coop Pronto, Coop City, Coop Bau + hobby - Migros supermarkets, Ex-Libris, Migros Sport XX, m-electronics, Do it + Garden Migros - InterDiscount - Fust - Denner - gas stations (e.g. Agip, Shell, Avia, Esso, BP) - Media Markt - Swiss post offices - many kiosks, restaurants and independent shops
How can I check my PrePay balance?

On your phone:

Your current balance will be displayed on your screen.

In My Account: